Learning Programs Through Podcast

Learning Programs Through Podcast


Imagine if you could slash the cost of training and development and send excitement and engagement through the roof!

Let Team Guru show you how!


Podcast Programs

The podcasting phenomena can deliver more to your life than special interest shows, how-to programs and news.

Delivering learning & development programs via the podcast format is an incredible way to engage learners:

  • Flexible
  • Personal
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Powerful
  • Cheap


Cost Effective

Groups and teams, spread around the country or across the globe can come together with the touch of a button (and a pair of headphones).

Podcast learning technology will save your company enormous expense. No need to fly everyone into the same city and put them up in hotels.


Aren’t Podcasts All One Way – Where’s The Interaction?

Team Guru - Podcasts for Learning & DevelopmentTeam Guru Podcast Programs are not a passive experience. Through a series of episodes participants will be exposed to relevant content and then challenged with questions and tasks. Then, before the next episode we meet with each participant over Skype to talk through their thoughts and experiences. Those conversations are recorded, and the highlights are fed into the next episode.

So as participants listen, they hear their own voice and the thoughts of their colleagues reflecting on their learning experiences.


Isn’t This Just e-Learning – Webinars?

The podcast medium is so much more flexible than e-learning or webinar experiences.

With podcasts you can listen when and where you like – while you’re driving in the car, going for a run, folding the washing or lifting weights at the gym.

You are not tethered to a computer screen.


What Type of Topics Can Be Delivered Through Podcast?

The short answer…any topic!

The podcast format is so incredibly flexible that just about any development program can be delivered with style and impact.


Want to Hear a Sample?

I can’t share with you an episode that includes the thoughts and reflections of the participants – they are just too personal. But here’s Episode 0 of our leadership program – it explains the program and will give you a taste of the Podcast learning format.


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