092 – A real leader asks questions with Corrinne Armour

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important skill a leader can have. Asking questions. My guest is Corrinne Armour. In her new book, Leaders Who Ask, Corrinne mounts an impressive case that leaders who ask questions build fearless team cultures. A culture where people take accountability for their work, develop their ability to think and grow as professionals.

In the conversation you’re about to hear Corrinne tells us all about the reason asking questions unlocks such incredible value. And she tells us why we are typically so bad at actually asking questions. She gives us some super helpful tips that will help us develop the habit.

Lessons Learned

Questions make memories

I’m completely sold on the value of being a leader who asks questions. Being asked the right questions triggers a chemical response in our brain that ensures the experience is memorable. It sparks deep thought and encourages ownership of our work and the way we think.

We aren’t good at asking questions

People who are naturally curious are better at asking questions. But not everyone has that skill. People struggle with asking great questions for a number of reasons. Time is short or maybe you’ve never built that skill. Once people get to executive positions they tend to pretend that they know everything. But you can learn this skill.

The right questions

Before you start asking the right questions you have to learn to listen. Empathy is hugely impotant to. Only if you really know your team members will you be able to ask the right questions. You have to be curious to learn. And you have to have the courage to ask the questions that might be uncomfortable.




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