The Healthy Leadership Model provides a blueprint for you to shape your own purposeful journey towards the definitive leader within you.

This model is not a step-by-step guide, but rather a complete view of the interdependent elements of healthy leadership development.

You will never be ‘finished’ developing in any one of these elements. A Healthy Leader is always proud of their performance, but never satisfied.

Leadership Awareness

This is where you become truly aware of yourself as a leader and the journey you are on. You are aware of the difference between a leader and a manager. You begin to form a picture of the type of leader you want to be; the ideal leader within you that is an extension of you as a person.

You know why you want to be a leader- what you hope to achieve, the things you want to influence.

You become increasingly aware of the power and responsibility of your position as a leader within your team – the fact that people look to you for guidance in behaviour, style, mood and direction.

You are enriching your own development by growing aware of the examples, principles and models that are all around you. You may be reading about great leaders of history, learning about leadership ideas, theories, principles, habits – through whatever means suit your learning style. You are able to reflect on the leaders who have had an impact on you through your life. You can see with greater clarity the way they were able to have that impact.

Most of all, you are aware of your path. You know you are on a journey that you are in charge of. Your ability to reflect will fuel your continuous growth and bring with it the deep personal satisfaction that comes from being a Healthy Leader.


You have a vision for yourself, your team, every member of your team, and your team’s place within the organisation.

You communicate those aligned visions often and effectively. Everyone knows, unambiguously, your vision for the team – its purpose and its plan for achieving that purpose.

The relationship you have with each member of your team is built on the value you have for them – personally and professionally. You share with them your vision for their growth and ongoing contribution to the team. You work with them to create a path to making that vision a reality.

You seek the counsel of mentors and colleagues. You confide in them your vision for your own development as a person and a leader. You choose mentors and colleagues who are able to give you informed, productive and purposeful feedback on your performance and growth.


You know the true meaning of empathy. You are able to look at the world through the eyes of the people around you. You can feel their pain and fear, their hopes and ambitions. You understand how their experiences will shape the way they interpret new information and react to new situations.

Your understanding of those around you does not clash with your drive towards the team mission. It flavours the guidance you provide towards that shared mission.


You have developed a set of values for yourself. There is no difference between your personal and professional values. You are an authentic leader. There is no work ‘you’ and social ‘you’. There is just ‘you’.

Your values are an aspirational framework for the vision you have of yourself.

You continue to refine your values – always with the goal of making them more aspirational, more aligned with your vision.

You communicate your values with sincere clarity. You live them transparently.

Every decision you make is poured through the filter of these values. If a question does not align with them, the answer is ‘no’.


You are able to make decisions that are right for the situation, the time and the place.

You understand the mood of your team and the issues they are facing. You inject the right level of guidance to keep your team moving towards its mission.

You understand the needs of individuals within your team and are able to communicate with purposeful sincerity.

You know what the organisation needs from your team right now. You are agile and dexterous in the way you shape your team’s purpose and plan to meet these needs.


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