028 – Jim Palmer – Create Your Lifestyle Business

Author - Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger

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Entrepreneur, wantrepreneurs and siderepreneurs – this episode is for you. Build your lifestyle business.

Jim Palmer is an ultra-successful entrepreneur. He has created huge revenue that flows through multiple streams.


But it wasn’t always that way – he began his business with enormous credit-card debt and a ‘revenue-free’ 12 months.Jim shares with us the lessons he has learned through the tough times and the good times. He opens up about the things that are holding most entrepreneurs back – the self-inflicted wounds – and gives some powerful advice about avoiding those traps and generating momentum in your business.

If you are building your own little empire, or you have an itch to do so, don’t miss a second of this free coaching clinic from one of the best in the game.


Lessons Learned

Here’s what I took from the episode:

Word from the Wise

Jim’s 6th book is Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger 

He identified the things that typically hold entrepreneurs back – and most of them are ‘self-inflicted wounds’

He shared all the things that held him back, and his coaching clients, so budding entrepreneurs can learn those lessons and work out ‘how to get out of their own way’

Successful entrepreneurs have an uncanny ability to spot opportunity

The ‘decision-making muscle’ is just like any other muscle in the body – you need to exercise it, work on it, to make it strong

Fast growing businesses thrive on momentum



Lifestyle Business

Jim sees a significant difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner.

The difference is mindset:

A small business owner thinks that to keep growing they have to expand – to do more of what they are doing – sell more of the same products, sell more of the same services

An entrepreneur thinks more about ‘how else can I make money – how can I bring in revenue from different sources?’


A Dream Business

Jim’s definition of a dream business:

  • Continues to grow even during a crappy economy
  • Has multiple streams of revenue
  • Becomes an asset for worry- free retirement
  • Is always firing on all cylinders
  • Is fun to operate
  • Provides the lifestyle you want
  • Allows you to give back and make a difference in the lives of others
  • It can help make your dreams come true!


Productive Habits

5 habits of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. get up early
  2. Exercise
  3. Brain power – feed your mind
  4. Express gratitude
  5. Be bold


Free Offer

Get Jim’s book for FREE (you just have to cover the shipping $6.95)


Find Jim at www.GetJimPalmer.com


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