048 – Nail the Sale: The Art of Selling – Glenn Mattson

We're all in sales - might as well be awesome at it!

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Whether we like it or not, most of us are in sales. Why do so many of us want to deny it?

In this episode of the podcast Glenn and I chat about the terrible reputation of sales people and where it comes from. And Glenn does an incredible job or opening my eyes to the art of sales.

He lays out come tangible concepts that separate cheesy, ineffective product pushers from professional who forge respectful and productive commercial relationships.

We are all in sales – so we might as well be awesome at it!

Lessons Learned

Here’s what I took from the episode:

Tap in to the reasons people buy

Being a great salesperson begins with understanding why people buy.

There are only reasons people buy:

  1. To eliminate pain
  2. For gain

And there are only two states of mind we can be in when it comes to these decisions – present or future.

So people buy to either get out of pain or for pleasure – now or for the future.

We buy on emotion – but we justify our reasons intellectually.

Many salespeople make the mistake of selling to the intellect – give stats and facts and figures.

Clever sales people realise they must sell to emotions. They find out the issues the customer is facing first, then they sell in a way that helps them fix those issues.

Selling is all about the questions you ask, not the information you give.

Product knowledge used too much or too early reduces your chances of making a sale

A professional salesperson talks 30% of the time and listens to the customer the other 70%

The amateur talks 70% of the time

3 Keys to making a Sale

Glenn talks about the Success Triangle

  1. Technique – strategies and tactics – what do you say, when do you say it, to whom do you say it
  2. Behaviour – goals, plan action steps
  3. Attitude – desire, commitment, self-esteem

When learning about selling people tend to want to know about the ‘Technique’ stuff – but neglect the behaviour and attitude

To be a great seller we must think: Head, heart and gut

The best salespeople create an environment that allows people to make a decision.

Don’t be a sucker for the ‘stroke and smoke’

Search for truth – stop selling products

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You can find Glenn on the web at: mattson.sandler.com

He tweets at: @SandlerGMattson

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