065 – Find your voice and give a great presentation with Emma Bannister

The secret to becoming a power presenter

Power professionals need to be great presenters.  The simple fact is that you need to inspire if you are going to lead.  You have to connect to your audience no matter what the size of your organization.  Most of us go into a presentation terrified that we are going to make fools of ourselves.  The goal is to not look bad.  Today, I’m joined by Emma Bannister who is going to inspire you to do better.  Emma is the founder and CEO of Presentation Studios which helps professionals to craft powerful stories.  Her team helps individuals and organizations to develop and communicate their message.  Everyone has had to sit through bad presentations.  Emma is going to ensure you aren’t going to deliver one of them.



If you’re really good, people will stay engaged

If everyone in the crowd is looking at their phones, you’re probably giving a bad presentation.  We are very time poor and if there is no clear message you are going to lose the audience.

Preparation is key

Too often presenters don’t prepare enough.  That can result in a presentation being delivered by a sweaty nervous wreck.  Or, it can produce a droning snoozefest delivered by an overconfident bore.  Rehearse your presentation to refine your message and to instill confidence in yourself.

Don’t read everything

If you’re giving a talk don’t read directly from the PowerPoint presentation.  It will distract your audience because there will be two voices in their heads.  You want to use the PowerPoint to augment your presentation, not to deliver it for you.

Give your audience something to do

Just speaking to your audience isn’t enough.  Most people only remember about 10% of what you are going to say.  Emma recommends that you should cut your presentation time in half.  Then open the room up to questions and then come back for a strong, emotionally engaging finish.

It’s going to take time

You are going to be nervous.  You are going to make mistakes.  It’s OK.  Just follow the rules.  Focus on the content, prepare yourself and rehearse.  You will get better




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