081 – The truth about online business with Bernadette Schwerdt

How companies like Uber and Booktopia conquered the world

So, do you want your online business to be a success? Of course you do. Why else did you start the thing in the first place?  As always, The Team Guru Podcast is here to help with some expert insight and some practical advice. This week I’m speaking with Bernadette Schwerdt.  She’s one of Australia’s leading speakers and writers on the topic of  dot com success. For the past few years Bernadette has been a judge with the online retailers industry awards.  That experience that has allowed her a look behind the scenes into the secrets of the most successful online businesses in Australia.  She wrote a book about the lessons she learned from the experience. How to Build An Online Business details the stories of online behemoths like Uber and Booktopia.


Bernadette says there are five things that mark the big online giants.  

Mindset: How to develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn your passion, hobby or side-hustle into an online business

MVP: How to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that verifies the proof-of-concept and generates instant income

Momentum: How to access little-known tech tools to source web developers and other key suppliers (for a fraction of the usual cost) and leverage virtual reality and artificial intelligence to create a point of difference

Marketing:  How to use content, social influencers and SEO to drive traffic and generate sales

Motivation:  How to pitch, persuade and present like a professional to attract investors, customers and high-quality strategic partners

There’s a lot of depth to each of those. Building a successful online business is not for the faint of  heart or the dull of mind. It’s a jungle out there. Low barriers to entry mean that competition can pop up at any time.  But there’s also some serious rewards to be found. When you’re online the world is your marketplace. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

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