088 – Survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world with Michelle Gibbings

Times are a changin’.  It’s become obvious to us all that our careers won’t end the way they began. Employment arrangements are shifting drastically.  Academics sometimes refer to the era we’re living in as the fourth industrial revolution.  It’s a period characterized by rapid technological change and a blurring between the digital and physical worlds.   Our children’s working lives will be almost unrecognizable to us. It’s mind blowing and for some, it’s scary. Most us, sit somewhere in-between – looking for information that will help us better  understand what it all means and how we should navigate it. My guest in this episode is here to do just that.

Michelle Gibbings spends a lot of time thinking about how to make more of our careers. In our first chat back in episode 43 Michelle and I talked about stepping up your career and moving from technical expert to leadership.  In this conversation Michelle shares with us her thoughts about the way careers are changing but most importantly the things we can do to prepare ourselves for those changes.

Lessons Learned

Work relationships are radically changing

The relationship between employer and employee is essentially a value exchange.  You provide a service, they provide a pay cheque. The workplace is much more fluid than it was a generation ago.  Holding a job for life no longer exists. The challenge for workers is to create a skill set that is useful to a wide variety of employers.

Don’t be a victim

You can’t future-proof your career.  Jobs have always changed. There are plenty of scary stats about how automation is going to steal huge number of jobs in the next few years.  White collar jobs like researchers and report writing could soon disappear. You have to be willing to learn and change in order to prepare for those changes.  You have to fall in love with learning.



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