089 – Is great customer service dead? w/ Jaquie Scammell

Today’s show is all about customer service. How things have changed. I remember the days when we’d pull the family Kingswood into the service station and an attendant would fill it up for us. Dad would pay in cash, of course, so he wouldn’t even need to get out of his seat. At the supermarket the last few years have seen the rapid spread of self service check out facilities. It’s all a long way from my childhood memories of slow checkout operators, keying in the price of every item, and passing them along to a second member of staff who’d do the bagging. I could go on and on. We now buy an increasing amount of stuff on-line. We can fly without ever speaking to a member of staff. And, with the introduction of smarter technology, the pursuit of efficiency and cost savings in customer service will just keep picking up pace.

So what’s the future of customer service? Will it matter much longer? Or will there be a renaissance in the human touch, and become more important than ever.

To answer all of these questions and more I invited Jaquie Scammell onto the show. Jacquie is a customer service expert and she’s been plying her trade all around the world. She has been thinking, talking and advising on how we can be great at customer service now and into the future. I enjoyed talking about customer service. But most importantly it was nice to think about the future. How will our experience as customers change?

Lessons Learned

6 mindsets for customer service

  1. Empathy

  2. Questions

  3. Energy

  4. Heart

  5. Purpose

  6. Practice

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