091 – Don’t just inspire your company projectify it with Jeff Schwisow

We have all experienced the gap that exists between strategy and execution. There’s a big difference between the big wigs that sit in a room and dream up the future and the people on the ground who are going to make it happen. In fact, you could present a case that the gap between strategy and execution is the dominant dynamic in most organisations.

In this episode we are going to talk with author, speaker and strategy guru Jeff Schwisow about the widening gulf preventing true organisational effectiveness. Jeff makes the case that projects are the missing link between strategy and execution. He says that by projectifying our work we can best leverage the capability of the entire organisation. Jeff also makes some strong comments about the changing nature of the strategic process itself.

Lessons Learned


The idea of “projectifying” our work is a simple and alluring idea. The goal is to bridge that gap between strategy and execution.  But to do that you have to give your team something to be truly motivated by. Your teams needs to be able to focus on a bigger strategy rather than just bullying your employees.

Create exceptional work

Jeff believes that we are entering a future where great companies are created by exceptional work. But the only way to get exceptional work is by creating an exceptional workplace. Engaging people in a strategic journey is best done by creating great projects. As you get larger you must have a purpose.

Large conglomerates are fading away

The big companies like GE will soon be a thing of the past. The large conglomerate born in the mid-20th century can no longer keep up with the modern, highly dynamic companies. A nimble entrepreneurial business are going to be more successful. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be big companies. They will just have a much different philosophy.

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