094 – Don’t be a D!ck with Darren Fleming

There’s no use beating around the bush, some people are dicks. Today we’re going to talk about a very specific type of person. They do terrible things to make themselves feel superior by demeaning others. They are rude, selfish and mean. Even worse is the fact that some of them don’t even know it. Maybe you’re one of them?

My guest in this episode is Darren Fleming and he can help you work it out. Darren has written a book called simply Don’t be a D!ck. Not only does he describe the type of behaviour that puts you into that category he also gives us some really simple, water tight guidelines that we can all follow to ensure that we do not act like a dick.

Lessons Learned

Powerful change

Darren shared the story of his awakening. Divorced, alone, with two children who did not want to see him. It was a powerful story. But what makes it really amazing is how he responded. Darren used it as his moment of awakening. He didn’t become a victim. He looked in the mirror and took responsibility of the things he had done.

Five simple rules

I really liked his five rules to ensure we do not act like a dick:

  1. Be an includer

  2. Actually listen to what people have to say

  3. Open your heart

  4. Build up those around you

  5. Don’t be a fault finder




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