095 – Achieving real health and happiness with Dr. Ron Ehrlich Part 1

For decades Dr. Ron Ehrlich has made it his mission to help people to take control of their health.  There are increasingly worrying signs about the state of our bodies. Rates of Cancer and obesity have reached near epidemic levels.  Prescription drug abuse and autoimmune diseases debilitate or kill hundreds of thousands of Australians every years. Modern life has also taken a major psychological toll on all of us.

Dr. Ehrlich believes that many of these issues can be traced to our inability to cope with stress, our poor diet and lack of exercise.  In the first of my two part conversation with Dr. Ron Ehrlich he reveals the principles behind his holistic health philosophy. And we discuss the real reason behind the obesity epidemic.  

Lessons Learned

Health as a commodity

The last 50 years have created a health care system that is very good at crisis management.  If you have a catastophic illness or accident there are incredible resources at your disposal to help.  But that isn’t the same as providing health care.  Implementing a healthy lifestyle can drastically reduce your odds of having to deal with one of those diseases.  Just waiting for illness to occur is a terrible a plan.

The health myths

The low-fat health pyramid that became the paradigm for diet in the 20th century is totally wrong.  It’s the product of the US Department of Agriculture that was trying to encourage of more grains.  The sugar industry also had a major impact on the way people thought about nutrition.  All of these ideas have been shown to be totally inaccurate and have created a world of seemingly cheap food products that are terrible for us.

Stress is relative

We’ve never had it better when it comes to quality of life.  There are fewer wars, disease outbreaks and famines than every before.  The problem is that stress is relative.  There are new kinds of stressors that are affecting our health.  A big one is the manipulation and propaganda we are constantly being bombarded with.  The advertising industry is telling us all the time about what’s wrong with us and what we need to get happy.  The more you focus on the things that really matter to you the better off you’ll be.




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