097 – Life’s instruction book with Lisa Stephenson

If only life came with a set of instructions. What a great concept. I’m not sure we’d all follow them or if many of us would even read them. But it’d be nice to know they were there.

But there not or perhaps, they we not, until now. Here at the Team Guru podcast I get a lot of books come my way. But the one belonging to Lisa Stephenson, my guest in this episode, jumped out at me from the moment I saw it.

It’s title Read Me First. Is simple and intriguing. So I read it. And found inside I found a fabulous story, wonderfully written about a women piloting herself through life. And learning a bunch of heavy lessons along the way.

Through the pages of her book, I could feel Lisa’s personality. Her tenacity, her intelligence, and her energy. And that’s exactly what I found when I chatted to her for this episode. Lisa has taken the lessons she has extracted from life. She’s made sense of them, and found a way to share them so we can make a little more sense of our own lives.

Lessons Learned

The need for a plan

Lisa remembers searching through the bookstore looking for that book that would provide a new version of happiness and success for myself. She couldn’t find that one thing. So I wanted to create and write the book that offer really practical strategies.

Write your instruction book

CEOs and entrepreneurs have a a plan. You know, they have a they have a strategic plan. They’re very clear about the people they want to surround themselves with. They know what success will not only look like but what it will feel like when they get there. And they’re also evolving and adapting that plan as they progress. Lisa calls that you know the concept of making yourself your most important project.

Lisa’s story

Hers is a terrific story. She’s so open and intelligent. Suddenly a single mother and faced with the responsibility of providing for her family she didn’t make the obvious, safe move. She was brave. She backed herself and her ability, She dreamed big.  Along with the ability to listen and empathise, Lisa walks and talks the language of curiosity and courage.






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