099 – The 25 Minute Meeting with Donna McGeorge

Everybody hates meetings. Everyone has experienced sitting bored wondering why you have to be there. In fact, this probably describes most of the meetings you’re forced to attend. When was the last time you in a great meeting? A meeting at which everyone turned up on time? A meeting at which the agenda was clear and the process smooth and purposeful?

We are really bad at meetings. We know if from experience and from the data.  And it’s amazing because for a lot of people meetings are where they spend a great deal of their time.

How have we let them get so bad? Why are they so bad? My guest this week has some answers.Donna McGerge is a speaker and consultant and the author of a brand new book The 25 Minute Meeting.

Lessons Learned

Meetings need fixing

There is just so much room for improvement in the way meetings are done. That includes just about every organisation I have ever worked in. Researchers find is that about 65% of meetings are a waste of time.That’s more than half the time you’re spending at work. People work hard enough without having to waste time in meaningless, hopeless meetings.

Shorter is better

The benefit of focusing on making meetings shorter has a knock-on effect. As the quality of the meeting improves, the interaction improves. And of course, that affects the level of trust and the quality of personal relationships.

Why a deadline works

25 minutes is the magic number. We can concentrate, we can focus and we can manage distractions in that time. It’s a time amount that feels doable. There are many studies around the diminishing returns on productivity on time. The longer you give someone to do something the longer it will take.




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