100 – Everything I’ve learned so far with David Frizzell

Today is a very special episode of the show. After four years we’ve finally reached our 100th episode. And we have a special guest. David Frizzell!

David has a really unique story to share. He started his career as a teacher but ended up in the corporate world helping to create better teamwork through his company Team Guru. He has a lot of important ideas about how to make teams work better together. It’s a simple idea but one that most companies are woefully bad at.

Over the next hour David and I are going to talk about some of those ideas. And we’re going to reflect back on the last 100 hours of podcast episodes he’s created. I hope you enjoy this special episode of the Team Guru podcast.


Lessons Learned

Offices are like classrooms

David started his career teaching kids and that experience has proven very useful in the business world.  The thing that people were willing to pay me to do a management consultant was stand in front of an audience and engage for a day.  That’s David’s core skill.   And that’s the skill that a lot of teachers already have.  They just don’t understand has such a broad application.

Being busy isn’t the same as working effectively

Too many people work at jobs that they are constantly being busy at.  As David has worked through different organizations he constantly encounters people in a frantic state of work.  No manager would ever get upset at someone attempting more high value,  creative and thoughtful work.  But it takes some discipline to break out of the business.

The best episode was one of the first

Way back in Episode 4 David interviewed British communication expert Boo Holmes.  David and Boo met quite unexpectedly at a cricket match in Scotland.  They connected afterwards and David remembers it as one of the best conversations he’s every had.  Communication is the secret to success in any organization.  Some of the more troubled workplaces are ones where no one knows how to talk to one another.



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