101 – How to create powerful communication in your company

In this episode we’re going to chat about something very close to my heart.  Communication.  It can be a tired, well-worn topic. But my guest today is going deliver some fresh insights about how to revolutionize communication inside your business.  Jen Jackson is the founder of Jaxzyn, a company devoted to improving how professionals talk to one another.

We share a passion for what communication could be. Powerful. Engaging. Fun. Fresh.  And we share a passionate dislike for what communication within organisations so often becomes. Rushed. Boring. Formal. It’s jargon laden rubbish.  Jen  reveals what we can do to identify bad communication and how to re-think it.  She believes we can create comms that makes people stand up and take notice and want to e involved.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jen Jackson.

Lessons Learned

Get rid of jargon

Jargon gets ingrained in the way organizations communicate. But they do so at the risk of excluding everyone except for a small inner circle of decision makers. Using language that everyone can understand makes people feel like they all are on the same team.  Jargon  becomes a mask for people who haven’t got anything to say or they don’t have the words to express the ideas that are flowing through their head.

Generational communication

People are not only living longer, they’re working longer too.  Some companies have as many as five generations.  Within the last 15 years the changes to how we communicate have been really substantial.  When you bring those preferences and ideas o the workplace you’ve got all of these competing and different ways that people communicate.  So, we have to ask ourselves  what is the commonality and what what makes us the same rather than different?




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