111 – How great video can save your business ft. Michael Langdon

Videos have eaten the internet.  80% of web traffic is now video content.  Video marketing has become the most important way to market your business.  But creating great content can be difficult. Especially if you haven’t had any experience creating videos in the past.  It can be extremely intimidating for newbies. What’s worse is that creating bad videos can actually hurt your business.

That’s why I wanted to invite Michael Langdon on the show today. Michael is an award  winning video producer. Through his agency Levity Video his videos have generated millions of dollars for Australian ecommerce sites.  And has amassed over 20 million views in the process. He has just written a new book called Welcome to the Age of Emotion. It provides an easy guide to making video that will improve your bottom line.

In this episode Michael reveals how we make great videos ourselves.  Videos that will actually create real revenue for your company.

Lessons Learned

The 3 basics of creating a decent video:

✅ Engaging story

✅ Great appearance

✅ Clear sound



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