102 – Are you working with fully-formed adults w/ Dominic Price

Are you are a fully formed adult? Have you got your act together? Are you mature? Well developed? Easy to work with?  This concept of fully formed adult is a simple one. But peel back the layers and it becomes a powerful tool for thinking about ourselves.  My guest in this episode is Dominic Price.  Dominic wrote a terrific, short article about the concept of fully formed adult that got my attention. What does it mean to be a fully formed adult? What are the traits, the elements, the themes.

Lessons Learned

The 5 attributes of a fully formed adult



“We don’t necessarily perform at our best when we’re happy. We perform at our best when we’re determined to succeed, no matter how many set-backs we endure.

2. Balance

“The key is to look at your team, and yourself, holistically and understand the trade-offsinvolved in focusing more energy in a particular area. “

3. Psychological safety

“Studies at Google and elsewhere have pegged psychological safety as an essential ingredient for performance. “

4. Self-awareness

“The good news is there are loads of self-assessment tools we can use as individuals and as teams to increase our self-awareness.”

5. Purpose

“Taking steps to align your team’s work with the larger purpose you have as individuals helps bring meaning to your days.”




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