105 – The Power of Real Confidence with Michelle Sales

Michelle Sales has been thinking a lot about confidence.  What is confidence? Where does it come from? Why do we lose it, and most importantly, how do we get it back? Michelle works as an executive coach for high-profile clients like Tennis Australia, Telstra and even the Department of Defense. She is also the author of the book The Power of Real Confidence.  In it she shows how confidence is the backbone of a successful career.


Lessons Learned

Confidence not arrogance

Confidence is a tool whereas arrogance is a weapon.  in order to distinguish between the two you have to have a good level of self-awareness.  Be  able to be self-reflective and understand what our impact is on others.  Just have an inner confidence without it becoming bravado.

Keys to confidence

Show Up as the real you, and the best version of you as a leader.

Stand Up for yourself, your team, your values and your point of view.

Speak Up and have a voice and be able to influence.

Step Up your performance, your impact and ultimately how you exercise leadership.

Self-awareness is the key

What got us here won’t get us there.  What got us to this point in our leadership and in our career is not going to be what gets us beyond that. Having the ability to reflect and to be thinking about our personal brand is really important. And it takes reflection and time to think about that.




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