106 – Women must create a new definition of success with Margot Cairnes

Today’s episode is another special episode recorded live in partnership with my good friends at Women in mining and resources.  WIMARQ are in the habit of inviting wonderful guests to their lunches and this one is no different. Margo Cairnes is a bundle of energy. She’d had a long career in the corporate world. And had built up a huge, international consulting firm from nothing.  But then she walked away from it all. Just stopped going. Turned off the lights and let it all fizzle out. In this episode you’ll hear why.

Lessons Learned

It’s all about people

Margo has done a lot of different things over the years.  Developing strategy with high profile oil executives. Working with female entrepreneurs. And helping people struggling with addiction. But one thing connected all that work.  Humanity. Our connections with ourselves and the human beings all around us.

Women need each other

Carl Jung said they either ignore you or they attack you.  If women are going to change the world they’re going to attack us. And that’s why you need each other. That’s why you need to work together hold each other support each other.  And to become emotionally robust.

How to change things

The World Economic Forum tells us that at the current rate economic equality for women  will be achieved in about 200 years. And women will get political equality in about 100 years.  Changing that will require radical action. In 1975, all the women in Iceland went on strike. No cooking, no cleaning, And they didn’t, until they got some equality. And then I did it again, in 2001. And 2002. And now Iceland has the most equality of any country in the world.




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