107 – A great leader must be a great coach with Karen Morley

Coaching such an important part of leadership. But so many leaders don’t take the time to perfect that skill. Karen Morley is convinced that a great leader has to be a great coach. Karen has delivered assessment, coaching, team and leadership development programs in organisations such as BHP Billiton, KPMG and the University of Melbourne. Karen has a new book out called Lead Like a Coach. In it she reveals how you can be fantastic coach for the people you lead!

Lessons Learned

Top 5 skills and tips to be a great coach

  1. Take the 2nd position
  2. Humility
  3. Manage the need for status and power and treat those around you as equals
  4. Focus on progress. Showing people progress is motivating
  5. Plan for coaching. Schedule it into your day.

The difference between managers and leadership

When Karen coaches people leaders she creates a distinction between management and leadership. She emphasizes different kinds of authority. You can be a bigger person and a bigger leader if you allow other people to identify solutions.




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