108 – The power of persuasion with Mike Adams

Mike Adams has had a long and successful career in sales. So that means he has, over time, become an expert in persuasion. And Mike thinks that they key to building rapport comes from the stories we tell. Those stories allow us to influence and persuade. But it’s the way we tell our stories that really gives them power.

Lessons Learned

Tell the right stories

We all know about the power of story telling, if only from our experience as listeners. They really work. The connect us. Time for you to become a better story teller.

Be unpredictable

The first definition of a story is that it has to be in sequence.  But it also has to be unpredictable. And when something’s unpredictable, our neocortex is paying attention to try to predict what’s going to happen next. And that’s the reason we’re so captivated by stories. Now, the reason wee don’t tell them in business is because we tell them all the time in our social lives.  People think business has to be all about the facts. If you don’t give your listeners something unpredictable you run the risk of just losing their attention.

Getting stories in return

You can over-tell stories. One of the fundamental reasons to tell a story is to be able to ask for a story back. I f I tell you my personal story it will prompt you to tell yours in return. If we can share stories in three or four minutes at the beginning of a meeting people will begin to trust us much more. Sales people carry around a lot of baggage.  Partly because of the poor sales techniques of others.  Anything you can do to engender more trust is going to make you much more successful.




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