113 – The keys to social media success with Nicola Moras

I’m guessing that you’ve tuned in this week because this whole social media thing is a mystery to you. Or at least, doing it well is a mystery for you. We all know that in 2019, if you have a business, or a professional reputation to protect and enhance – a clever social media plan has to be part of it. But what does good look like? And even more importantly, what are the cringworthy approaches that we need to avoid?

Nicola Moras is here to help. She is a social media advisor that has helped thousands of companies around the world plan and deliver their social media and marketing strategies.

And right now, she’s here to help us.

Lessons Learned

5 Keys to Social Success

  1. Know your goal – why are you playing the social media game. What do you want out of it?

  2. Know your audience – understand what they need. Their worries and hopes, their dreams and anxieties

  3. And this is the tough one – start creating content. Think about what’s right for you – your personality, your business, your professional knowledge

  4. Ensure you’re on the right platform – the place where your target audience hangs out

  5. Add your call to action



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