117 – Discover your inner genius with Yu Dan Shi

You are about to hear a wonderful conversation about misguided dreams, hollow victories, moments of clarity and the search for purpose in life. My guest is Yu Dan Shi. Yu Dan was something of a precocious talent. She finished school at a crazy young age. The same for uni. She was an executive by her early 30s – earning a heap of cash, traveling the world but hated every second of it.

Yu Dan had one dramatic moment that shook her awake and opened her eyes to the way she had been living her life. Since then, she has been on a journey of discovery and has some incredible lessons and insights to share.

Lessons Learned

Find your true voice

“I was assured that if you work really hard, you will achieve anything wanted.  In a way that is true but then on the other hand I never quite felt completely confident. I always seemed to fail.  There was a gap in my own capability.  All I was doing is really trying to follow other people’s expectations. I had to find my true voice. It was  just a lack of clarity about my real convictions.”

Ask the right questions

What can I do? What can I do everyday to make my life more meaningful and more purposeful? Asking yourself the right questions can change everything.  By asking yourself what will truly make you happy everyday it will reorient your life. You will become more mindful in what kind of things you agree too.  You will begin to gain more control over the decisions you make.  Your the one making the choices about your life.




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