114 – Play a bigger game with Rowdy McLean

I’ve got to tell you. I’m particularly excited about this one. Every now and then I stumble across a collection of words that are just so poignant, so powerful:

Play a bigger game.

For me, those four words say way more than a 500 page book ever could. There’s so much in those four words. It describes one of the most powerful concepts that can lead all of us to a life more satisfying happier life.

After stumbling across those words online, I tracked down their author and invited him on the show. It’s Rowdy Mclean. Rowdy is He is the trusted advisor to numerous CEO’s, companies and teams and the go-to guide for their bigger games and achievements. He is the author of Play a Bigger Game: How to achieve more, be more, do more, have more.

Lessons Learned

The four things we can all control in our life


  1. Control your attitude- we chose our attitude, the way we show up and present our selves.

  2. Take responsibility for our choices. Every single one of them. All the time. It’s our choice and our responsibility

  3. Execute with integrity. Do what you say you’ll do. How you said you’ll do it.

  4. Get some grit. Tough up. Don’t give up – persevere. Stay the course.




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