115 – How to have quality career conversations with Greg Smith

In this episode we are going to talk about one of the more difficult parts of being a leader. How to have quality career conversations. Greg Smith is an expert in cheer development, talent management and organizational leadership. Greg  influences forward-thinking, outwardly-focused and disruptive organisations and individuals to be nimble and ready for the rapid change that technology creates.  He joined me to chat about the art of leading powerful career conversations.

Lessons Learned

Greg’s top 5 tips for leading effective career conversations

  1. Be prepared

    Even if you have unscheduled conversations, wait for the right time. You should always be prepared

  2. Listen deeply

    It can be exhausting. But it’s a must for these type of conversations. Remember, this is their career being discussed. It means a lot to them. So it must mean a lot to you. Be completely engaged.

  3. Lead the conversation

    But let the individual craft their own vision

  4. Remember the ethics

    These conversations are always confidential but they are never therapy.

  5. Develop a written career plan

    And follow up. Don’t let this conversation be a one-off. That’s almost worse than not doing it at all.

    The wrong way to give feedback:

1. Other people are more aware than you are of your weaknesses.

2. Learning is like filling an empty vessel.

3. You lack certain abilities so I should teach them to you.

4. Great performance is universal and describable. Once defined it can be transferred from one person to another

All these theories have self centeredness in common

To Truly lead you must:

  1. Articulate a vision

  2. Motivate our people towards that vision

  3. Develop them





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