120 – How to lead the room | Ft. Shane Hatton

We’ve all noticed it. When some people speak, others listen. They are engaged. Convinced. Ready to act while others bore their audience to tears. They’re restless and unimpressive. So what’s the difference?v What sort of impact does being a power speaker have on our relationships and careers? In this episode we’re going to explore the cross-section of communication and leadership.

My guest is Shane Hatton. He’s a communication guru, author and all around interesting chap. I He has always believed that great communication is much bigger than ‘speaking’, that it must be viewed through the lens of leadership — and it’s through this lens that her wrote his latest book: ‘Lead the Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter’

Lessons Learned

Process and Practice

I love the concept of process and practice. Those two powerful disciplines that can help us break down any skills, any mountain, into palatable, obtainable chunks. Most people are scared of public speaking. The cure for a lack of confidence is to just to get out and start doing it. The combination of process and practice is a really great combination to do something that you maybe never thought you’d be able to do.

Leading the Room

I’m passionate about the concept of leading the room. It’s all about using every chance we get to speak, no mater how small or large the audience. It’s all about trying to enhance our leadership credentials.

The 3 obsessions.

Positioning – Who you are and What you say

Messaging – What you say and how you say it

Developing – How you say it and Who you are

“Zooming out from the Mona Lisa – to get the context of what you’re looking at. The same for leadership. ‘To think bigger than the idea of presentation and skills training. To think holistically about the way you communicate and connect more effectively…less about public speaking than about platform leadership




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