121 – Close Enough is Good Enough | Ft. Lynne Cazaly

Are you sometimes paralysed by your own standards? Is your pursuit of perfectionism having an impact on your progress or the way you feel about yourself? My guest in this episode is here to help.

Lynne Cazaly is a reformed perfectionist. But now Lynne believes that close enough is often good enough. Put simply, hings just don’t matter as much as we think they do. She is going to help us all care less about more – and care more about less.

Lynne is an international keynote speaker, author and a master facilitator. She is the author of 6 books.She works with executives, senior leaders and project teams on their change and transformation projects. This includes working with agile practices, business agility improvements and digital transformations.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Lynne Cazaly.

Lessons Learned

Lynne is a walking, talking example of the power of the fish concept. She is relaxed, bubbly and completely content with life. She knows when to care about quality – and she knows when to let things slide.





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