123 – Culture Fix: How to create a great place to work | Colin. D Ellis

Everyone talks about corporate culture these days. Figuring out how to create happy, healthy workplaces has become something of an obsession. But my guest this week thinks we need to do better. Colin D Ellis was shocked by the lack of any definitive how-to guide for leaders who want to shape and enhance their workplace environment. So he set about fixing that.

In his new book Culture Fix Colin draws upon decades of real world experience to provide a practical guide on how to change the way you do things to create a winning culture that keeps your organisation relevant.

If you’re a leader who knows how important the culture of your team is then this episode is for you. Real leaders understand that happiness is not just about imporving productivity – it’s about improving lives. With Colin’s help, I churn through the ins and outs of what culture is all about.

Lessons Learned

To enhance workplace culture we need:

  1. Self aware individuals: That means aware of themselves and others. We need emotionally intelligent staff

  2. Redefine the culture: We need to know where we are heading.

  3. Design smarter ways of working: Get rid of the old processes that don’t make sense. Stop doing those things that are outdated and obsolete

  4. Build in a feedback loop

“ I think this is why most people run away from any kind of culture change they realize that fundamentally, if you want to change a culture from one state to another, you have to address the lack of emotional intelligence from some people, because when you talk about that, yeah, that’s right. Whenever anyone talks about a difficult individual, technically, they’re usually great. Yeah, it’s their emotional intelligence. It’s a problem and they just don’t want to deal with it.”




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