124 – Avoiding the mistakes that will sink your business | ft. David Sharrock

In this episode we are going to strike at the heart of what it takes to develop a successful business.

My guest is David Sharrock. Through his long career as a suburban solicitor, David has helped thousands of small business owners.  He knows what works and what doesn’t. He has seen everything. From the woefully unsuccessful to the booming enterprise, and everything in between. And, of course, he’s learned a bunch of lessons about what separates the good from the bad. The winners from the losers.

I love his calm wisdom.  And the genuine care he has for people who run businesses.  Because, he knows, the success or otherwise of small and medium business affects lives. It can set people up for a happy, fulfilled, secure life .  Or it can plunge them into a spiral of worry and anxiety.


5 pieces of wisdom


Five nuggets of wisdom

Focus on the business fundamentals. You’ve got to lift your head out of the doing and apply some thinking time and attention to business basics

You need to be a highly effective leader. Don’t expect it to happen just because your business is growing – you have to be conscious about it

Dynamic high performance teams – your people need to work together effectively, deliberately. One of David’s reflections here centred around hiring the right people in the first place

Be obsessively customer centric. Go above and beyond. Delight them – they will come back – and they’ll tell their friends.

Bring it all together – connect the moving parts of your business. Take a world’s best mentality – no matter what your industry.

The secret to growth

 “…growth just doesn’t happen because you snap your fingers and say your prayers and hope like crazy, there’ll be customers and products galore being sold, etc. That happens through blood, sweat and tears. And it happens through getting each and every fundamental in place…”




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