125 – How to evolve out of your leadership comfort zone | Ft. Brad Giles

Brad Giles thinks and talks about leadership like an engineer. He’s used his time as an entrepreneur and leadership coach to break the profession of leadership into it’s fundamental moving parts.  Brad believes that that mechanics of leadership can be taught. It’s not a mystery!  Brad is the founder of the strategic planning and coaching consultancy Evolution Partners. He works with CEOs and leadership teams to build enduring, great companies.

Lessons Learned

5 roles of a great leader

Accountability: Everyone has to know their role

Ambassadorial: Engaged with client and employees alike

Culture: Focus on building a culture that functions at it’s highest possible level

Strategy: Always be aware of the long term goals

Succession planning: Make your systems resilient to change

“There’s a dirty little secret that people don’t often talk about at the executive level.  Most  people don’t know what their doing. People might become successful, but they don’t know what the point is  The reason I wrote the book., There is no clear definitive outline of the role of a CEO.   I couldn’t find it.  I spent 20 years trying to find that book and I couldn’t find it. So I wrote it.”







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