128 – Leading in the age of AI | Dr. Mat Donald

2020 has brought us to the nexus of social and technical change. Understanding how this transformative time will impact the future is a full-time job in and of itself. Dr. Matthew Donald has been noted as an expert and thought leader in the field of futurism, providing insight on effectively managing change in an age defined by disruption.

Like practically any technology, AI is first and foremost a tool: one that can be used for either productive or insidious purposes. Dr. Matthew Donald has made the morality of AI into a lifelong passion, helping business leaders better understand the implications of this transformative technology for the benefit of their organizations.

Dr. Donald´s endeavour to unlock the potential of the world around him powered him through his post-secondary education to a Master´s degree. His keen eye for the best methods of effecting change in an established environment was developed over decades, with his interest in optimization blooming in the early 80s at a production facility in need of modernization.

Discovering the power of a perfectly implemented action plan, he went on to pursue his doctorate, a goal which demanded the sum total of his skills. His coursework included a term paper on change management, which required that he work closely with a company to understand their process and determine where it could be made more efficient.

Lessons Learned

The morality of technology

Dr. Donald emphasizes the importance of ethics in both obtaining his degree and in the field of futurism at large. Success in the doctorate program meant balancing personal and professional interests as well as demonstrating a reliable ability to process information. He highlights these tools as key to AI development, as the technology will inherently be influenced by their creators.

Understand what AI is

To understand the significance of morality in AI development, it is important to understand the way it works. Unlike conventional computers, AI is designed to learn from itself over time, gaining experience through trial and error while making decisions based on prior input.

In a word, AI is creative, and that creativity must be finely tuned to bring about the best possible results. That means incorporating input from diverse perspectives and carefully considering the morality as well as the utility of each new development in the field.




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