131- When corporate culture goes insane with Ross Judd

Is your workplace culture insane?  It’s a strong question but for those of you that answered with an unqualified “YES!” we’re here to help.  A toxic workplace culture is one that hurts the people involved and the business itself.  Workplace culture is incredibly important. It sustains both the productivity and the profitability of the people who are a part of it.  Great workplace cultures can be energising and rewarding. Bad ones can be toxic and soul destroying.

Ross Judd thinks that we’ve been over-complicating our efforts to re-shape workplace culture.  He’s come up with a simple and effective process for transformation.  His company Team Focus has worked for decades to help transform corporate culture.  His new book is titled Cultural Insanity.  In it he reveals the mistakes companies make when trying to change a toxic culture.  And he offers a simple solution based on the acronym A.D.A.P.T.


ADAPT or die

Align with your purpose

Define the culture you need to achieve your purpose

Assess what you’ve got right now

Plan to move it from a to b

Transform by applying the plan


Understanding toxicity

Toxicity comes from so many places.  Poor relationships between people have many causes.  But often feuds begin when one person believes another is “out to get them”. Often these are just festering misunderstandings.  Some of the worst cultures Ross has encountered occur in workplaces with shift-work.  Rivalries between shifts can sometimes become incredibly toxic because of the belief, mistaken or otherwise, that one is trying to sabotage the other.


Leaders need to lead

Ross is not a big fan of the consultant doing all of this work as much as possible. He wants the leaders in the organization to facilitate these conversations to do this work, because that’s who needs to do it. That’s who needs to be held accountable for culture. That’s what gives you a sustainable culture long term.


The exhilitation of transformation

The simplest and hardest part of the whole process is the execution. So execute your plan.  Transform your business and enjoy the ride! There’s nothing quite like getting a group of people to realize they can improve their lives by working on their culture. Everybody wants to be part of a good culture. If leaders learn to listen and work with their people, anything is possible.






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