133 – What you can learn in 100 lunches with strangers ft. Kaley Chu

You are about to hear from a really cool young lady. In a world where we often feel overwhelmed, Kaley Chu set a remarkable goal.  She decided to have lunch with 100 strangers in just one year!  As a raving introvert that makes me tired just to write those words.  But Kaley actually did it.  Why’d she do it? What did she learn about herself in the process? Who was her favorite? I just have so many questions for her.

Kaley wrote a book about her experience.  100 Lunches With Strangers reveals why a shy and unassuming person decided to undertake such a mammoth task.  The book features 15 eye-opening life lessons, an in-depth look at relatable life struggles, and inspirational tips that will offer any reader a way to forge their own happier way of living.

Kaley is based in Melbourne, and currently works at Equi Wealth, a wealth advisory firm where she helps clients create leverage and protect wealth without sacrificing their lifestyle.  Her aim is to give her clients confidence, freedom, and control of their finances through simple solutions

Lessons Learned

The concept of a stranger

As a Hong Kong immigrant to Australia Kaley always felt shy about her English skills.   She had this nagging feeling that people were secretly judging me.  But that mentality caused her to go further and further into her own bubble.  But after her 100 lunches experiment that has all changed.

“I think strangers are awesome,” she says.  “Strangers are just friends that you haven’t met yet.” 

The secrets of success

Kaley had an impression that the rich and famous tended to be arrogant and rude.  After lunching with several she changed her mind.  Many of them spent a long time just chatting with her and encouraged her to do more. One of them emphasized that if you are at the top, you can’t get there by yourself. Doesn’t matter how smart you are, you still need a team of people to help you to achieve those big goals.

Weak people seek revenge…

One of the most powerful lessons in the book is all about dealing with trauma. “Weak people seek revenge, strong people forgive and smart people ignore.”  I love that.  That to me was just so powerful and smart. At the end of the day it’s family and the people that you love that really matters.



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