142 – Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life | Ft. Dr. Jenny Brockis

Sharing the secrets to actively cultivate happiness and the good life

 Dr. Jenny Brockis returns to discuss her new book Thriving Mind.  She reveals how to develop a thriving mind in a sometimes chaotic world. She joined us three years ago to share the secrets of a healthy brain. Now, she is continuing her remarkable journey to help us develop a mind that thrives despite the negativity surrounding us.

It often feels that we can barely keep up with our responsibilities. We are chasing our tails in a vicious cycle that takes away most of our time, energy, and effort. That cycle becomes even more intense when trying to climb the corporate ladder. More often than not, we are moving into a trap leading to burnout. To stay afloat we have to develop a thriving mind.

Lessons Learned

04:36 Do not Lead Yourself Into an Early Grave

Once we are caught up in the cycle of chasing our tails, we will surely buy the idea that there is no other path to success other than giving our 110%. Because of this, we are striving to keep up the continuous drive to get a promotion and be a step higher on the corporate ladder.

By doing this, we are not only depriving ourselves of the much-needed rest. We are also subjecting ourselves to the consequences of the high-level stress and develop anxiety, depression, and sorts of mental disorders. However, there is a bright ray of hope that we can live a meaningful, fulfilled, and successful life without waking the path towards an early grave.

09:07 Burnout is Like a Stealth Bomber

If we are too caught up in our overworking, we do not notice that we are teetering towards the edges of burnout. We are just too used to being too busy keeping up with our schedule. And since everybody else is busy, we think that it is common and there is nothing wrong.

Sometimes, this is a socially-induced problem. When we are in the workplace, we do not want to be seen as the slacker. If everybody else is coming in early and staying late, we tend to follow suit. Keeping on with the business and coming home late are seen as badges of honor, and because we want to show team allegiance, we blindly follow the norms.  However, we are supporting an unhealthy and unsustainable behavior if we follow this. Many of us don’t even notice how bad things have become. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

12:29 Happiness is Contagious

One valuable lesson in this podcast is to create your happiness. We must appreciate the simplest things in life that spark joy in us. If we consider those, we begin to feel good, and we elevate our levels of happiness.

The brighter side to creating our happiness is that we can make other people happy as well. Emotions are contagious, and we may have an experience when a co-worker walks in gloomy as black, and soon the whole office becomes gloomy.

On a brighter note, we can positively affect all others by starting it ourselves. Please find a way to elevate our overall happiness and start influencing other people’s happiness levels too. We can bring out the best of our day and for everybody else, and soon we will realize that we all are moving towards a more positive state of life.

18:35 Best Secrets to Really Thrive

Thriving in life means that we feel good about ourselves, our life and work situation is healthy, and our mental well-being is positive. Generally, this suggests that everything falls right into place, and we feel perfect and excellent.

But for us to achieve that, we must effectively do our self-care. This means proper nutrition and exercise and also following the little things like following our passion for dancing and music. Have a short walk in nature and get enough sleep as well. Self-care is nourishing your physical self and your soul as well.

25:44 Harness the Power of Human Connection

Humans are social beings. We should treat social intelligence as critical as emotional intelligence. We must observe how to best interact with others and establish that sense of connection.  Researchers suggest that social connection is essential in our survival, just like air, water, and food. And so we must harness this powerful concept and start having meaningful connections with people.






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