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Social media intelligence is quickly being recognized as the lucrative skill set that it can be in today’s world, and few understand the potential of a platform like Nicola Moras. A social media advisor by trade, Moras has delivered impactful insights for her global base of clients, helping them connect with people and profits. On today’s episode of the Team Guru Podcast, Moras sits down to discuss the fine art of minimizing cringe in your online outreach.

When Social Media Gets Real

By now, the profit potential of an effective social media presence is all but impossible to ignore. Moras opens up by framing online engagement as an absolute necessity in today’s business ecosystem, particularly for organizations looking to break into new markets. However, what many observers that have grown up outside the social media realm fail to understand is that using it properly is a talent all its own. Belying appearances, the craft of curating a digital footprint requires not only careful consideration, but keen social awareness.

Everything is Sales

For those looking to spread awareness of products or services, the benefits of social media are easily apparent. However, Moras underlines that a well-managed public facing platform can be a valuable asset to anyone with a defined career path. As many as 70 percent of employers admit to browsing applicant profiles before hiring them. Even more telling, many organizations have openly disqualified candidates for ill-advised social media activity. In Moras’ line of work, any online profile you have serves as an advertisement for you.

Reading the Room

Bearing in mind the high stakes of positive PR, it is important to understand your goals with a social media presence before deciding on its direction. Each social network has its distinct social mores, and navigating them is key. For Moras, the idea is similar to a job interview in that applicants should always work to appear as if they are as well-suited to a given role as possible. With the tools to project professionalism on platforms popular with prospective employers, career-minded individuals of today can enjoy unprecedented advantages.

Social Graces

Although social media may at first seem unfamiliar to some, the reality is that networking shares significant similarities whether it takes place online or off. For instance, very few people will respond well to being marketed at with little to no context. Moras takes time here to emphasize the importance of a proper introduction as well as a modicum of personal cordiality in our outreach efforts. One never gets a second chance to make a first impression, and there may be no arena that exemplifies the idea like social media.

Relationship Building

Although social media can easily turn into a time-consuming pursuit, the most powerful aspect of these platforms is the visibility they offer. To achieve the best possible public perception, building authentic relationships with the people on your profile is indispensable. To this end, Moras advocates judicious sharing of personal content as well as professional ambitions. It is important to keep in mind that whatever the destination may be with your social media outreach, the journey will always go through the connections you make.

Your Own Best Spokesperson

With so many factors to navigate, the temptation can be strong for organizational leaders to turn over complete control of their social media presence. While this can be a viable option in many cases, Moras cautions against becoming too separated from the voice of your brand. Only we carry the most accurate version of our stories, most intimately understand our successes and failures. The power and potency of social media rests in its ability to bring together a range of perspective, and being part of that puzzle is a service in and of itself.

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