153 – How to discover your values | Ft. Mark Carter

Mark Carter is an expert in human behavior.  As such, he believes that all our lives can be enriched by understanding our own values.  Values that guide our relationships, our work, our careers and, most importantly,  the way we view ourselves. But “values”  is a word that we throw around loosely.  So much so, the word has nearly lost its meaning.

Mark is here to clear the air.  He gives simple, actionable advice about how to define your values.  And then how to implement those values in every aspect of your life.  His new book is titled Add Value.  He encourages readers to discover their values, find their worth  and gain fulfillment.

Lessons Learned

What are values anyway?

Values are often alluded to and then quickly glossed over. In business values are often reduced to slogans on a poster.  But values are really about action and behaviours.  Not just empty sloganeering. You might have values printed on your business card. But when you look yourself in the mirror can you honestly say you’re living up to them?

How to define your values

Everyone in business talks about values.  But, usually, they are just hastily thrown together words.  It’s easy to discover if you really mean what you say.  Ask, what does this man to you?  If you can’t answer that question quickly than you haven’t though deeply

“Sometimes when I’m working with people, it’s just getting them to throw down a whole bunch. And then you refine that list by playing one off against another.” Mark says.

5 values worth considering

  1. Personal values
  2. Tangible values
  3. Emotional values
  4. Service values
  5. Relationship values

Questions to ask yourself

    • Am I looking after myself and others? 
    • Am I looking at solutions?
    • Have I considered all the possibilities?
    • Have I considered the consequences long term?
    • Am I considering my impact on my immediate environment?



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