157 – Fear is the loudest guest | Ft. Dr. Amy Silver

Dr. Amy Silver is a clinical psychologist, speaker author and expert in FEAR. She’s here to tell us all about it.  So what is fear and when is it a good thing? We talk about how different fears turn up in different ways in all our lives And most importantly, she tells us how can we overcome our greatest fears and turn them into a positive in our life.

Dr, Amy Silver  is a psychologist, speaker, author and media commentator on the management of our emotions for high performance. Her clients build high performance based on courage and courageous conversations. Her new book, The Loudest Guest: How to control and change your relationship with fear is a game-changer for those ready to move beyond fear.

I don’t think there’s a person alive who can’t relate to most, if not all of what Amy had to say. I loved the way she explains all the important concepts about understanding and using fear as a positive force in our life.

Lessons Learned

Recognize fear

  • Recognize fear in yourself. When, where and Why?
  • A bit of self-compassion.  Understand that this is the way you’re designed.  There is nothing wrong with you. Fear is just doing its job.
  • Understand that fear is separate from you.  Ask yourself, is this what I want, or what fear wants?

Controlling fear

  • Evaluate: is it true or useful?
  • Make a decision: is it a useful warning, or not?
  • Finally – experiment – take baby steps. Get up to the 3rd floor of a building and see how that goes. Get comfortable there – and then move to the 4th and the 5th.
  • Remember,  you are the host of the party. It’s your party. Fear is simply a guest.



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