159 – Getting Ready to Lead Beyond 2030 | Ft. Caroline Kenney

The art of leadership continues to change at a rapid pace. Trying to keep up can be challenging. And at a time when just getting through the week can be a challenge, trying to guess about where its all going feels impossible.

Caroline Kennedy is an accomplished CEO and global thought leader on business and leadership. She is a highly sought-after coach to top global executives. She’s just published her new book Lead Beyond 2030: The Nine Skills You Need to Intensify Your Leadership Impact. It encourages leaders to get ready for the next wave of change.

Kennedy shows leaders how to stay relevant and competitive with nine key skill accelerators over three primary elements: leading self, leading others and leading business.

Lessons Learned

Emotional intelligence is the future of leadership

A high portion of leaders today lack emotional intelligence. Leaders still tend to obsess about IQ. But human skills are just as important. Setting others up for success has to be the focus of leadership. It’s not about being selfish. t’s about being self-less.

Lessons for future leadership

  1. Operate consciously about how you will lead and grow into the future

  2. Tap into the human evolution by being a humancentric leader

  3. Ask yourself regularly, how do I, and the business I’m leading, remain future fit

Leading Self

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Self-awareness

  • Building authority

  • Executive presence

Leading others

  • Leveraging human behaviour

  • Influence

  • Persuasion to empower higher performance

Leading business

  • Adaptability and innovation

  • Critical thinking

  • Creative problem solving


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