Episode 179 | Own it! Honouring and Amplifying Accountability | Dr. Paige Williams

Activity but no progress. Meetings with no follow up. Confused responsibilities. Impossible demands and poor engagement. Does that describe your workplace? If the answer is yes, then this week’s episode is going to be a must-listen.

For Dr. Paige Williams the root cause of these painfully common, predictable and repeated organisational maladies is a lack of accountability.

Dr. Williams is an author, researcher and PhD in oranisational behaviour.  And she believes that we are in the midst of an epidemic of underperformance and a lack of accountability is the root cause.  But don’t worry, there’s a few powerful actions we can all take to address it.

Lessons Learned

The 3 Cs of the accountability fog

There isn’t consistency sometimes even within the same team about what we mean when we talk about accountability
Confusion leads to is a concern and a lack of confidence in actually having the accountability conversations.  One of our deepest human needs is to feel a sense of connection and belonging.
Leaders who don’t create connection and belonging are failing to create a culture of accountability.

Paige’s 3 nuggets of wisdom

  1. You’ve got to get clear. How well understood and used is the language about accountability? You need to use language that understands the difference between accountability and responsibility.
  2. Get pro-active. Shift the energy of accountability from punitive to proactive. Set yourself and others up for success by having future-focussed coaching conversation.
  3. Get going. The most powerful influence to creating a culture of accountability is for you to role model it

Three critical elements of accountability

  1. An explanation from the accountor of the responsibilities that the accountee is accountable for.
  2. An evaluation by the accountor of the accountee’s fulfilment of those responsibilities.
  3. The consequences of that evaluation for the accountee, whether positive or negative.



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