132 – Be Brilliant and Lead a Life of Influence | Janine Garner

This episode is brilliant. Literally. It’s all about you  being brilliant. This time we’re joined once again by Janine Garner.  Way back in episode 55 we chatted about creating a network that works for you.  In this one, Janine gives us some wonderful insight into what it takes to lead a life of brilliance.  It’s a practical guide on how to lead a successful, fulfilling life.

She details those lessons in her new book Be Brilliant: How to live a life of influence.  In it she argues:

“Business was simple; now it’s competitive. Clients were easy; now they’re demanding. Communication was straight forward; now it’s overwhelming. Resources were limitless; now they’re stretched. Employment was secure; now it’s uncertain.

“‍We all have to get better at being ourselves. The world is asking us to be extraordinary, this is our calling.”


It’s an important book and one that is badly needed right now.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Janine.  And I hope it gives you the tools you need to build a better life.

Lessons Learned

The 4 laws of being brilliant:


Discover and own your spotlight

“If you want to have a visible impact as a leader, professional or person then you must start by reconnecting and reclaiming who you are – your strengths and weaknesses; courage and self doubt…”

Harness your natural energy

“Next, you must become masterful at taking back control, thriving energetically and ensuring you are doing all you can to be the best version of you mentally, physically and spiritually…”

Connect and collaborate with intent

“Only then do you turn your attention outwards because engaging in the right way, surrounding yourself with the right network of people and collaborating effectively to mutual benefit is the only thing that will truly drive change…”

Enhance and magnify your influence

“Lastly, you shift and amplify your influence so that lead in your area of expertise and become in demand for what you do…”




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