Episode 160 | Elevate: A New Path For Leaders To Navigate Uncertainty | Ft. Repa Patel

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now.  For nearly two years now we have been on the edge of our seats waiting for the other shoe to drop.  That has been incredibly hard for individuals and organizations. In this episode we’ll chat with author, speaker and executive coach Repa Patel.

In her new book, Elevate: A New Path For Leaders To Navigate Uncertainty she draws upon decades of experience to provide a practical guide to mindful leadership.  She explains how to navigate uncharted territory, by engaging your heart, mind and energy to lead authentically.


Lessons Learned

The noise going on inside people’s heads

One of the most critical skills for a leader is building resilience. Having a chronic level of stress all the time is hugely damaging. Stress depletes your energy system. It also elevates your heart rate and constantly pumps your body full of inflammatory hormones. Your fight or flight response becomes activated. If you are in that state for weeks or months at a time your mental health is going to suffer.

How do I manage my focus?

It starts with defining what you consider success looks like. Now that sounds really frivolous to say. But that encompasses your entire life.  Ask yourself:

  • What does physical success look like?
  • What does mental success look like mental health success look like?
  • If I was thriving, mentally, what would that look like?
  • What does a thriving family life look like for me?

Define success for all facets of your life. Unfortunately, as leaders, we forget to do this for ourselves. We do it for our businesses all the time. But we don’t do it for ourselves. So, once you have those answers in place, then it’s about how to invest the time into  each of those areas.

How can I get a sense of joy through my work?

What we know from the research is it’s about two things: purpose and flow. The concept of flow.  Ask yourself:

  • What is your purpose, as a leader?
  • Why do you lead beyond making money?
  • Why do you choose to lead?

Purpose is important because it drives performance. There’s a growing body of evidence that tells us that those people that have a purpose that is beyond themselves, have higher levels of well-being.

Flow, meanwhile, is about connecting your purpose to your work.  When you’re engrossed in what you’re doing, and experience a form of mindfulness at work – that’s flow.



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