Episode 162 | Become Unhindered by conquering your insecurity | Ft. Jaemin Frazer

Jaemin Frazer says his life mission is to help as many people as he can.  His mission is to solve the insecurity problem.

I’ve been doing this podcast thing for well over six years. I’ve enjoyed them all. But I do have some favourites. And this one might be at the top of the list. All of us suffer from insecurities of one kind or another.  But the question is, what can we do about them?  And where do they come from?

His new book is titled “UNHINDERED:The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity”.  It’s an important work that I think can benefit everyone.

Lessons Learned

7 Essential Practice Framework

  1. Step into the light
  2. 100% responsibility
  3. Stack the pain
  4. Develop a compelling life visions
  5. Get help from someone who doesn’t care
  6. Be the hero
  7. Rewrite the story

Insecurity is toxic

Insecurity can be a valuable for a young person in their twenties. It can actually be rocket fuel. The best way to motivate some people is to tell them that they can’t or they won’t. Some people will go to great lengths to prove that they do matter. But It’s toxic energy.  And eventually, it’s going to destroy your life. It’s eroding your relationships, your health. So midlife is the time to upgrade that fuel source.  There’s this window of opportunity between 35 to 45 where people are most ready to be wrong about stuff. Young people are not ready to be wrong.

What money says about you

The way someone manages their money is a clear indication of what they think about themselves. And that’s because money is how we value things. Money is just a construct. Money’s not real. Ken Honda talks about this in his book, Happy Money. The moment money enters your world, it becomes an extension of you. If you find $20 On the beach, the moment you pick it up, it’s now a representation of your whole map of the world. What do you do? Do you give it away? Do you save it? Do you feel blessed? If you’re cursed? Are you guilty? Are you happy? The spender the saver? The grandkids?  And so therefore, if you reverse engineer it, and look back through the lens of money, and you can see all kinds of extraordinary things about your relationship with yourself by how you interact with money.



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