Episode 166 | How to be Naturally Successful | Ingrid Messner

Sustainability is a hot topic these days.  From personal development to corporate management, sustainability has become a by-word for progress.  My guest this week Ingrid Messner has developed a definition of sustainability that encompasses the personal, society and business worlds.

Ingrid Messner is passionate about nature and its power to help individuals to perform better. She’s recently published a book called Naturally Successful: How wise leaders manage their energy, influence others and create positive change. Drawing on decades of connecting organisational leaders with ancient wisdom traditions, the natural world, modern psychology and a systems view of life, Messner guides readers through a comprehensive leadership roadmap offering new perspectives and tools that enable you to face these challenges in a calm and effective way.

Lessons Learned

Readers learn how to

  • Optimise personal energy levels and mindset to be fully in charge and thrive
  • Connect more deeply with ‘difficult’ people and influence them without authority
  • Understand the influence of different environments and contexts on your work
  • Be a wise leader who can channel natural energy flows for better results

Ingrid’s Top Tips

  1. When confronted by a challenge, look at the whole.  But take a step back and consider the whole system and its influencing elements
  2. When frustrated with a difficult person, remember it’s more likely about you than them. And challenge yourself to get to know them, their motivations and the lens through which they view the world
  3. Take care of yourself first – nothing, not even wealth, matters if you don’t have your health.

“It’s a little bit like connecting the dots.  And for that, to notice, you have to have a certain level of awareness and the awareness has to be for yourself, the awareness has to be for your stakeholders and then we’re in which type of environment is this all happening. By combining these three things, I think this is where the magic happens. Then you can become a leader that understands how to be more in a flow and in alignment with whatever is happening in the world.”




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