Episode 170 | Rewire your brain for Success | Vanessa McCamley

The neuroscience revolution in business is here.  Over the last few decades our ability to peer into the human mind have increased exponentially.  That, in turn, has radically shifted our understanding of the human brain.  Now, businesses are leveraging that knowledge to improve their bottom-line by giving their teams the tools they need to succeed.

Vanessa McCamley believes we can use neuroscience to rewire our brain for success. By understanding our brain, we can successfully make behavioural changes that will result in a more purposeful, less stressful life.   Vanessa is the founder of a company that creates neuroscience programs for companies.  She is also the author of the book Rewire for Success.

So what is neuroscience? And how can everyday people tap into its wonders to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives?  Vanessa is here to explain


Lessons Learned

Understanding neuroplasticity

Think of your brain like a dynamic power grid with billions of neural pathways.  Those pathways are like roads lining up every time you think, feel or do something. Some of these roads are well travelled. These are our habits. So every time we practise something we strengthen these neural roads. And it becomes easy for our brain to travel them.  The more that we do it over and over and over again, it’s that repetition pattern that we need, when embedding a new behaviour.

Neuroscience traps

  1. Not having a clear purpose.
  2. Being too action orientated which creates a task epidemic.
  3. Making sure we are creating enough social connections.

Vanessa’s top tips: The FOOD model

F is for fueling your brain – ensuring you give it the right ingredients to thrive.

O is for organising your daily structure around when you do your best thinking – and protect that time

O is for overcoming obstacles with the brain in mind. And to prime your brain for known and unknown challenges. Hurdles will appear in your path.  Be prepared to clear them

D is to drive the right behaviours and create a mindset for achieving your passions.



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