Episode 173 | Trusted to Thrive | Marie-Claire Ross

If you’re looking to build a healthy, happy and productive team you are in the right place. My guest in this episode is Marie-Claire Ross. She has written a brilliant book called Trusted to Thrive: How leaders create connected and accountable team.

In her own words, her career path has been ‘weird.’ She started her career in market research running hundreds of focus groups and face-to-face interviews to test communication and new product concepts for both Government and corporate clients.

Then, she co-founded Digicast Productions, a communications agency, creating live television broadcasts, marketing videos, corporate communication and induction training programs in order to influence and engage. She also ran communication training workshops and coaching with senior leaders.

During our chat we talk about her powerful achievement zone model.  She also reveals why the importance trust plays in the workplace. And why it’s so hard to establish. She offers some brilliant tips for leaders on winning and then keeping trust in the workplace.


Lessons learned

Top tops for building trust

  • Build self-awareness
  • Create phycological safety. An environment where people know it’s safe to learn.
  • Create connection. Connect with your team members, the work and the people behind it.
  • Connect people to a bright future. They have to see the vision!

Achievement Zone Model

Achievement Zone:
An achievement zone is where you have high psychological safety. It’s also where leaders have high accountability.

Abatement Zone:
Low Achievement but high accountability.  It’s really a team that just works nine to five, does the bare minimum and then escalates conflict or issues to their boss to fix. So, the boss actually ends up working much harder than they need to, because their team members just aren’t really working at the standard that they should.

Apathy Zone:
Low psychological safety and low accountability. Because it’s not safe, people don’t really want to put their full commitment into what they’re doing. So, they’re just really doing the bare minimum. And that team is often operating at about 50% to 70% of what it can be.

Anxiety Zone:
High achievement but low psychological safety. Marie-Claire saw this a lot in the legal industry and health care. You are always expected to deliver high-quality work very quickly. But the boss doesn’t really care about you as a human being.




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