Episode 178 | The Happy Healthy Leader | Margie Ireland

It’s been a tough time to be a leader.  The pandemic has unleashed a huge number of new challenges for organisations to contend with.  That’s why I invited my guest this week to join us.  Margie Ireland is a leadership expert, psychologist, coach and key note speaker.

Margie has written a terrific new book called The Happy Healthy Leader.  Accessibly written and filled with practical tools and tips, The Happy Healthy Leader is an essential read for leaders at any level who strive to be better.  provides an evidence-based guide to help executives and leaders get back on track. Margie knows firsthand what it’s like to hit rock bottom and feel uncertain about what lies ahead, and in the book outlines her unique strategy for becoming a happy, healthy leader.

Lesson Learned

3 Top Tips

  1. Ask yourself: Where am I now? Where do I want to be in 12 months in my life, my work and my career?
  2. Do something in the next week to move your body or connect with an old hobby. Something, anything that brings you joy and helps you relax
  3. Seek some help. Starting a journey of discovery is a worthy pursuit. But it can be hard. You don’t have to do it alone. There’s a lot of help all around you.


 7 steps to being a healthy, happy leader

  1. Where are you now on your leadership journey? (take-off point)
  2. When your engine overheats? (things that set you off course)
  3. What’s your destination? (point the compass towards what’s important)
  4. A map to guide a healthy mind and leader
  5. Your lifeboat: mindfulness (lifeboat for bad weather)
  6. Being a happy, healthy leader (10 year plan)
  7. Bon Voyage (set sail prepared for bad weather)

 How great leaders deal with stress

“It’s that ability to take a moment to take a step back and go, okay, I’ve got two forks in the road here.  Which path am I going to take take? There’s the path of reactivity and taking it out on others. Or even worse avoiding it by overeating, or drinking too much.  Or you can take the path that is more aligned with your values and goals.  That which requires you to look inwards and check in on your own mindset. Ask yourself: “What do I have control over?”














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