Episode 181 | How to gain True Perspective as a leader | Joe Hart

Telling the truth isn’t always easy.  That’s especially true for leaders.  But my guest this week Joe Hart believes that leading with the truth is always the right decision.  His new book is titled True Perspective.  He pours out his heart and soul on the page.  He intertwines leadership wisdom with his own, fascinating life story.  And oh, what a story it is!

Sydney-based Joe Hart is a highly experienced Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Mentor and Facilitator. In 2017, he founded ‘True Perspective’, a practice specialising in enabling people to improve their performance, reach their full potential and achieve balance. His core mission is to help people create meaningful changes to their lives. True Perspective is his first book.

So what is true perspective? Why is it important for leaders? And how do we get some of that?  He’s here to answer all those questions and more.

Joe’s 3 nuggets of wisdom about the quest for true perspective

  1. Regardless of what you’ve been through, you are not your story. Step outside of it and understand it. Extract its lessons and let it guide you towards the future!
  2. Being able to see yourself and the way others see and experience you is true perspective. And that will enable you to help others find their true perspective.  You can’t guide anyone until you’ve done the work yourself!
  3. Don’t under estimate the power of deeply considering how you want to be remembered.

Key messages in the book

  • Align with your purpose so you have direction and clarity
  • Refocus on your own development and why it matters
  • Fast track self-discovery though greater self-disclosure
  • Understand what’s not working for you and fix it
  • Build your unique qualities as a leader so you shine

How to gain true perspective

We all hold conflicting views of self, multiple perspectives of who we are and how we should act. As leaders, juggling these selves is a constant tightrope walk as we negotiate our personal and professional lives, a balancing act that often leaves us unsatisfied and unable to lead effectively. Something needs to change






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