Episode 184 | How to Build an Engaged Remote Team | Joanne Alilovic

This episode is certainly one for the times in which we live.  The work from home revolution. It is here and may be the one lingering gift COVID left behind.  But the question millions of leaders are grappling with around the world is this:

How do you lead happy and successful distributed team?

It’s not easy, as so many of us have discovered over the past few years.  But we’re here with some fabulous insights and tips that you can start to implement today.

My guest is Jo Alilovic. She is an employment lawyer and the leader of a fully distributed team.  She’s also the author of a fabulous new book, Home Force: building a connected, engaged home-based team.

Lessons Learned

Jo’s 3 Nuggets of Gold

  1. There is no one size fits all approach to this
  2. Set your expectations for the business and the employee
  3. Have the ability to iterate – take the pulse and adapt – regularly

The remote framework

  • Remember your vision: What sort of team are you trying to create here? Be deliberate!
  • Establish the role: Assess the remote-ability of the roles
  • Manage the details
  • Organise your team
  • Training and support
  • Evaluate the result

Homeforce answers these questions

  1. Who provides and who pays?
    Make sure you negotiate upfront and don’t get caught with a big bill later!
  1. Workplace surveillance
    You are entitled to ask for details about what, how and when surveillance will be utilised.
  1. Stay engaged but make time for breaks
    Build in time for developing social connection to ensure you create the trusting relationships needed for satisfaction at work.
  1. Hours of work
    Make sure you are clear on if or how you’ll get paid for it.
  1. Consider your Safety
    If you are planning to make this work long term, sit down with your employer to discuss your expectations.



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