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We are a species of problem-solvers.   Suzanne Laidlaw embodies this idea more than most. Placed into a seemingly impossible position, she was able to turn her personal tragedy into the spark of evolution, transforming her life as well as the lives of others. For this author and entrepreneur, our most valuable resources are the people that mold our lives and experiences we endure. In today´s conversation, Laidlaw speaks on her journey and explores the various ways every element of our existence is interconnected.

Lessons Learned

2:57 Twist of Fate

The tragedy that defined early years of Laidlaw´s adult life was an unexpected catalyst for her eventual success. Laidlaw´s path to self-actualization unearths painful memories from 3 decades ago, a saga that continues to carry emotional weight for her. Riding the euphoria of a fairytale wedding and a brand new dream home, she thought these were the first days of happily ever after. A freak accident in the comfort of the couple’s home changed everything, leaving her husband David with horrific injuries and triggering years of pain for both.


8:30 An Arduous Awakening

During the treatment process, Laidlaw learned more than she ever expected about her husband…and herself. A defining moment in the road to recovery unfolded when he was transferred out of the ICU into a standard care ward after spending several days in a medically-induced coma. To then a committed atheist, David´s first words to his wife in what seemed like an eternity were strikingly spiritual and esoteric. Speaking in detail of strange dreams, David attributed his survival to a conscious choice to continue their life together.


15:26 Pain and Progress

Although Laidlaw´s husband was able to cheat death after the accident, the real struggle was in reclaiming the couple´s quality of life. Forced to contend with extensive damage to his body, David sank into a brutal pattern of self-destruction over the next decade. Laidlaw speaks openly on the difficulty of staying committed when circumstances drastically change, but expresses appreciation for the hard lessons learned. She credits these taxing times with inspiring profound personal growth both in each individual and in their shared relationship.


18:41 The Mother of Invention

With her husband facing long-term difficulties and the bills arriving regardless, the couple’s financial future effectively rested in Laidlaw´s hands. Taking advantage of an opportunity at her father’s place of business, she collaborated with David to set up shop as an entrepreneur. Laidlaw took on a public facing position, and her husband was able to convalesce behind closed doors in a support role. Leveraging their shared knowledge and personal connections, they identified a niche that needed filling and the venture thrived.


22:16 The Riches of Experience

Laidlaw´s relatively early success in steering her own story gave her the confidence to impart her insights to others. Recalling her longtime love for coaching athletes, she combined her skill sets in building businesses and optimizing organizations to become a business coach. Laidlaw identifies her purest form of fulfillment to be in touching hearts and shaping minds, and it is only through her tribulations that her vibrant visions were refined into reality. Through her coaching and writing, she is able to build a legacy she can be proud of. 





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